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If your law firm is looking for court reporting services in Ontario, then you already know that you absolutely cannot afford to settle for mediocre litigation support. There is no room for mistakes in the field of court reporting and you never have to settle for average performance. When the success of your cases depends on the quality of the professionals that you hire to provide you with support services, there is no room for anyone but the best.

Excellence is Accuracy

In the legal system, accurate court reporting is excellent court reporting. The court reporters from Ontario Court Reporting Services are proud of their reputation as the absolute best court reporters in the business. We understand that many times, your transcripts will be entered as evidence in a court case. When your case is counting on this evidence, it must be transcribed perfectly.

Professionalism is Key

If you are looking for an Ontario Court reporter, then you know the value of professionalism in the legal industry. You need court reporters who will show up on time, every time. You want them to serve as an impartial third party who will record the testimony, but not get involved. You need them to exhibit the most professional attitude possible, in order to keep your legal proceeding moving along smoothly.

Before we hire a court reporter to work at Ontario Court Reporting Services, we put them through an extensive interview process. Not only do we require complete training and certification, but we look for a professional attitude and work ethic. We stress the value of the reputation of each individual court reporter and how it impacts the reputation of our entire firm.

Versatility is Important

When you work with Ontario court Reporting Services, you are working with a full featured litigation support team that can assist you in any area of your casework. Our professional staff of court reporters, videographers, interpreters and administrative support people ready to assist you with all of your needs. We have the right staff to help with your deposition, statement or hearing. And if we don't have someone on staff to help you, we can draw from our extensive pool of freelance court reporters.

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